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Non-Toxic Pathogen and Black Mold Removal

We've developed a revolutionary mold and fungus treatment that safely kills surface and airborne mold and pathogens for your home and office.


Central Florida Mold Remediation Services

Pure Maintenance revolutionizes the way mold remediation gets done. Forget about demolition and reconstruction with our dry fog patented technology, your mold problems can be solved quickly and affordably without the stress.

Demolition Free Mold Remediation

If you've ever found mold, or been tasked with treating mold, you know just how difficult and dangerous it can be. Our revolutionary treatment is both highly effective, and also convenient. It allows you to avoid any destruction of property, while still thoroughly killing spore colonies throughout your property.

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Getting Rid of Mold

Pure Maintenance of Central Florida is a non-toxic, demolition free, affordable and effective mold removal company. We believe in using eco-friendly technology to improve the health of families and workers through our non-toxic elimination of mold, germs and bacteria. We use a patented, EPA approved Dry Fog technology that penetrates every corner of the home, even under carpets and in air vents, eliminating every mold spore it touches. Our professional process is affordable, quick, efficient and guaranteed.

Once you have mold growing, it won’t ever go away on its own. You can dry it out, to make it an inhospitable place for future growth, but the existing mold will still need to be dealt with. There are different ways people use to get rid of mold:

  • Demolition and removing walls is one way to get rid of mold.



    — —


    Hard work


    Can cause mold to spread

    Requires extensive destruction to be thorough

    Building must be vacated for extended periods of time until treatment is complete

  • Scrubbing can remove some spore colonies, or spread them around.





    Spreads mold spores

    Can do more harm than good

  • Wet fog can be effective, but is a large inconvenience requiring you to move and cover anything you don't want damaged.





    Need to cover or move everything of value



  • Dry fogging is a convenient and effective way to destroy mold spores in your home and behind walls.

    Dry Fogging



    No destruction


    No water damage

    All natural


    Prevents mold from growing back


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Keeping Central Florida Mold Free

Pure Maintenance of Central Florida Proudly serves the counties of Osceola, Highlands, and Okeechobee. Including the following cities.

Celebration | Kissimmee | St Cloud | Harmony | Okeechobee | Sebring | Avon Park Lakes | Narcoossee

Take the Hassle out of Mold Removal!

Our Demolition Free Dry Fog System completely and safely gets rid of your mold problem.

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